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Everything About Us

We follow Auriel as he has given us many gifts, powerfull magic to the altmer sorcerers, his bow to the archers, and shield to the Warriors. It is at this time that we must stand to fight for what we believe in and with Auriel on are side nobody can stop us not the covenant, not the pact, not Molag Bal or any of the other Deadric Princes. We are going to strive and we are going to survive then rise and then we will reign victorious. We are the sons and daughters of the great Auri’el.
In this guild we will fight in not only the name of the dominion and the Queen but for Auriel. In this guild we will not just do one thing we will not just win the war in cyrodil, we will not just explore and adventure through all of Tamriel, We will not just be the best crafters in all of Tamriel, We will not just be one thing WE WILL BE EVERYTHING and with Auriel on our side we are only a few steps away from victory and we will treasure every inch we make towards our goal because with every inch were that much closer to pleasing Auriel.

For the Dominion, For The Queen and FOR AURIEL… and for sweet rolls if thats allowed
If (I meant When) we take over Sweet Roles will only be in the Dominion anyone cought with a sweet role in other areas will be executed on site of eating a sweet roll (Its cruel but don’t you want all the sweet rolls we will never go hungry we will shower sweet rolls on the poor)
Guild Rules and Guide lines

  1. No matter who it is from myself to the newest member all ideas are accepted
  2. We are one but order is a must and so you must respect and obey your Generals.
  3. It is okay to be in other Guilds as long as you stay active within are community
  4. No racism ( I dont care what it is about real life not in game i dont care if u insult orcs)
  5. If you have a problem in the guild msg me
  6. We are all about alliances we will unite with any willing alliance in the Dominion
  7. If i do something you dont like tell me i wont cry
  8. Try to be active in the guild it isn’t a must but is preferred
  9. Common sense
  10. Follow guide lines and rules ( Following rules is a rule lol)

This guild is all around we will be focusing large scale guild activities in pve dungeons or adv zones and PVP, Their will be postions for pvp and pve players.
First son Of Auriel (Over all leader)
Knight Of Auriel (you must not be a general or of high rank but a Knight is a member of the most trusted 5 people in the guild through honor respect and other than second in command are the highest achieveble title)
All will have a second in Commandor coucil depending on my and generals view opinions allowed
Lore Master (What are guild has done history of the guild) (Wont have Second In Command)
General of Cyrodilic Affairs (PVP) (Provide escorts or defence for groups like scavengin group)
(Most likley need coucil)
General of Dominionic Affairs (PVE) (Takaeus)
Second Son/Daughter of Auriel-(Is Second in Command)
High General of Espionage  (Spy and steal)
General of Mass Scavenging and General of mass Crafting (Collect Resource and Use it)
Master Preceptor (Teaches New Guild Members)
Guild Alliance With The Poisoned Blade
1- discount at buying each others wares (bulk items or crafted items) (This is minimally to completely ignored in the case of rare items or UN-creatable items)
2- Merchants placed in both guilds in order to be part of other guilds store. (Max number of 25 not including members legitimately active in both guilds)
3- military support can be called upon for help ( In the case one guild helps another take a fort the other must help the other capture territory)
4- help gaurd each others areas as if our own (When a fort is under attack any pvp units available and not in any vital mission or raid will assist)
5- Work on missions and contracts for each other and team up when required and splitting gain equally (Gain will be split by taking what ever the mission was to retrieve example- 50 iron found 10 people 7 from guild 1 and 3 from guild 2 guild 1 gets 50 divided 10 meaning 5 so each member in guild gets 5 so guild 1 gets 35 and 2 gets 15)
6- Free trade of secret info (sky shard locations ect…) (SOME good Plans or tactics in order to help each other)
7- For Members of both guilds when working together generals from either guild can command members from either guild depending on mission in pve they listen to their general above alliance general and in pvp they listen to whoever it is in charge so if guild 1 is taking a fort and guild 2 comes to help guild 2 members should listed to guild 1s general.
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